Sunday, April 14, 2013

Green event

Planning a natural wedding or green event is not only about responsibility to the environment, it’s also about love. Your love for each other, your love for family and friends and your love for the Earth. Your wedding is a great opportunity to affect your extended family and friends by making earth conscious decisions that enhance the natural beauty of the setting. 

Just as we have an impact on the environment in which we live, the environment also has an impact on us. In nature we experience the beauty and organic wildness of the earth, which has a measurably positive effect on our psychological and physical well-being when we cater a green event. 

photo credit: Jose Villa

 Save time, resources and money by finding a vendor you can hire your natural touches from, for your green event.

you can hire these and many more pre-loved items from for your green event.
Make your own decorations from materials that you already have around the house. Ask friends and family to donate fabrics that fit your theme. They'll love to see their old dress hanging as bunting on the day of your green event.

 Or you can find lots of hand made decorations on like these beer can stars for your green event.

Ask your friends and family for Earth friendly gifts that are useful to you by registering for your 


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