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Green catering

We are all aware of how much waste a large event like a wedding can create.  Now there is no need to feel guilty when you entertain.  Whether it be for an elegant natural wedding or a rustic family BBQ at Biome Eco Friendly Stores you can find many choices that will suit your style and budget.

wasara-kaku-plates-small-square-6- (1)

The Wasara range (pictured above) is perfect for a natural wedding with 100% biodegradable and compostable single use tableware that is produced sustainably from bamboo, reed and bagasse pulp. The delicate appearance resembles a fine porcelain. It makes an ideal green catering disposable option for posh parties, picnics natural weddings and green events.

At Biome Eco Stores you will find small, medium and large plates, bowls and cutlery.

Prices range from $11.95-19.95 for packs of 10 pieces.

View the Wasara green catering range at www.biome.com.au

Green Bean eco friendly dinnerware is a collection of stylish single-use products for serving food that is made of  Balsa wood. It has a smart contemporary look and feel, and comprises of plates, cutlery, skewers, party picks, chopsticks and cones. The Green Bean green catering range is disposable, biodegradable and compostable. green catering prices are available when you order over 100 of each item although 1 month lead time may be necessary.

At Biome Eco Stores you will find small, medium and large plates,  small, medium and large bowls, cones, serving cups and cutlery. Prices range from $7.50-19.95 for packs of 10 pieces.
View the Green Bean green catering range at www.biome.com.au


These budget friendly Palm leaf plates are made from the naturally shed palm leaf sheath. These biodegradable plates are sturdy, leak proof and can withstand hot and cold temperatures, including baking food and microwave. The rustic nature of these plates and bowls make the perfect addition to any green catering event, family picnic or BBQ or any occasion when you are catering outdoors. They can be washed and used again for a limited time depending on how they are used and they make the perfect alternative to plastic and paper plates anywhere, anytime. When you're done you can just pop them into the compost heap instead of sending them to landfill.

Biome Eco Stores stock dinner plates, small side plates and small round bowls (as pictured above). Prices range from $12.95-15.95 for packs of 25 pieces. 

View the green catering Palm leaf plates at www.biome.com.au

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Volunteer vacation honeymoon - for the intrepid couple

Once the wedding is over, of course you want to relax, but if you're the intrepid sort you'll find that a volunteer vacation for your honeymoon will be valued as a precious memory to start your marriage together and there's no better cultural immersion than to earn respect working side by side with locals who need your help.

The options are endless, pick a trip that you're passionate about and leave the land, animals or people better off than before you arrived. The bonus is you may find you take away more from your volunteer vacation honeymoon that you bargained for.

Thailand volunteer vacation & hilltribe treck - from $1742 AUD 15 Days

Asia -Thailand

Experience the diversity of Thailand on an adventure that includes hill-tribe trekking in the North, beach time in the South and life-changing volunteer projects on a pristine Andaman island. You’ll make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children as you pitch in at the local school, and after a rewarding day, you can really immerse yourself in the island lifestyle as nights are spent in a beach side homestay. Then trade the beach for the hills and a chance to trek to resilient hilltribe villages.

Highlights: Giving back through a volunteer vacation with a school and community projects, experiencing local life in a homestay, blissing out in Khao Sok National Park, visiting a community tourism project on Koh Pra Thong, trekking small hilltribe villages and fields.

Explore & Cambodia Laos - from $1050 AUD 13 Days

Asia - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

Spend time on your volunteer vacation honeymoon with one of our projects in Laos and Cambodia and you'll take away so much more than souvenirs or photographs—you'll engage the local community with building and education initiatives. And you’ll still have the opportunity to explore incredible ruins at Angkor Wat and experience French influences in riverside caf├ęs. Whether you're marveling at stunning scenery, Buddhist monasteries or the face of a smiling child, this journey will allow you to dig deep into the people and culture of South East Asia.

Highlights: Volunteer vacations with New Hope Cambodia in Siem Reap, meeting workers of a local NGO in Luang Prabang, marvelling at the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, enjoying a local homestay, relaxing in the riverside town of Vang Vieng.

Zambia volunteer vacation & safari - from $1599 AUD14 days

Africa - Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa

For travelers eager to give a little something back to the world that’s given them so much, Zambia needs you! This adventurous trip across three countries combines an authentic safari odyssey through national parks in search of the Big Five with time spent working on volunteer projects that benefit the people and animals of the region. Walk with rhinos and gain personal insight into the culture of the Shangaan people one day, participate in the Livingstone community volunteer program the next. Karma—it’s the ultimate travel rewards program.

Highlights: Your volunteer vacation at a Livingstone community project, Spotting the Big Five in Kruger National Park, gazing out across Victoria Falls, walking in search of rhinos and searching for wildlife from a 4x4 in Matobo National Park, witnessing Shangaan traditions, discovering the less-visited Zimbabwe.

Volunteer vacation in Peru Amazon - from $1399 AUD9 days

South America - Amazon, Peru

Experience the Peruvian Amazon on this exciting and hands-on jungle adventure. Travel by motorised canoe up the Tambopata River to the G Lodge Amazon. Spend five days of your volunteer vacation at a centre for the rehabilitation and conservation of wild animals. Work alongside staff to feed and take care of animals so they can be successfully released back to their natural habitats. Next, spend two days in the rainforest learning about traditional medicinal plants, spotting birds, cayman and monkeys.

Highlights: Your volunteer vacation in the Amazon with the rehabilitation and conservation of animals, exploring the jungle and searching for wildlife.

Voluteer honeymoon China – Pandas - from $1827 AUD14 days

Asia - China

This unique itinerary introduces the highlights of the Middle Kingdom — from the historic gems of modern Beijing to the ancient walls of Xi'an and cosmopolitan glitter of contemporary Shanghai while allowing you to give back to the community at the same time. From the palaces and temples of Beijing venture to the countryside to experience the grandeur of the Great Wall and work with intellectually challenged youth at a unique organic farm centre designed to offer employment opportunities and training to intellectually challenged people. In Xi'an witness the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, in Chengdu indulge in the culinary spice that is Sichuan cuisine and volunteer at the largest panda reserve in the world to help ensure these distinctly Chinese icons are around for future generations to admire.

Highlights: A volunteer vacatiuon at a rural organic farm and working with the local community, coming face-to-face with pandas at the Bifengxia Panda Center, exploring the bustling markets and streets of China's biggest cities, hiking along the Great Wall, standing in the middle of Tiananmen Square and meeting the Terracotta Warriors.

For even more adventurous volunteer vacation honeymoon ideas visit the Great Adventure website.

Don't forget to create your eco friendly gift registry at Biome Eco Stores so you are sure to receive eco friendly gifts that you actually want and that are useful to you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eco Friendly wedding dress

Eco-conscious brides-to-be will know that when planning a natural wedding, there are several issues to address, but the wedding dress will most likely be one of the biggest considerations on their list.

Here are some fun and somewhat green wedding dress ideas from natural brides who have taken the plunge down the aisle.

This 'natural bride' is a fashion designer. She and her 'natural groom' had joked over the years that they’d get married once they collected enough bread tags to cover a dress, a feat which prompted family and friends to join in the collection to speed things along. The multicolored green wedding dress was made of 10,000 bread tags collected over ten years. 

Treating the tags like scales, she created an overlapping pattern, which also disguised the stitching. The 10,000 plastic tags were sewn with her sewing machine onto a cotton base fabric with a corset underneath. All in all, the fifteen pound green wedding dress only cost $36 but took her hundreds of hours to make. Each tag bears a “best by” date, bringing back memories of their time together over the years. Now that's commitment!

Talk about popping the question!

This Canadian bride wore an eco friendly wedding dress made out of 13 feet of bubble wrap as she walked down the aisle. The green wedding dress used over 13 meters of re-used packing material that was put together by pupils and parents from her school for a fashion show featuring recyclable materials. This green wedding dress is made from sheets of carefully stitched bubble wrap, attached to an inner cloth lining, and finished off with white foam packaging material.

The bride remarked "There was quite a lot of popping as I walked down the aisle, I was very nervous, but having the bubbles to pop, really helped calm my nerves".

 Wool you marry me?  

Little Bo-peep would be jealous of this dress.

When this breeder of rare sheep, decided to get married in a green wedding dress made of the wool from her beloved Lincoln Longwool sheep, she wanted "to prove that wool is not just something for knitting baby booties, and that native breeds can have just as big a presence today as in the past."

This green wedding dress took a spinner and dressmaker 67 hours to make. "But it was worth it", said the groom who wore a wool waistcoat. In keeping with the theme, she had a shepherds crook, and the ring cushion was made of fleece. They are obviously a tight-knit couple.

Follow the paper trail

This amazing green wedding dress was made with only toilet paper, tape and glue inspired by "Gone With the Wind" and Japanese Origami.

It's clear to see that you can be as creative as you like when creating your green wedding dress but the most popular choice when planning a natural wedding would be to find a pre-loved dress.

Don't forget to create your eco friendly gift registry at Biome Eco Stores so you are sure to receive eco friendly gifts that you actually want and that are useful to you.
For more info on how to create an eco friendly wedding dress visit www.naturalweddings.com.au

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