Thursday, May 20, 2010

400,000 recycled cans to pay for a wedding

Love this story as reported in the Huffington Post.

"Some people ask their parents to pay for their wedding, or go into debt to pull it off. One couple in Spokane, Washington have decided to pay for their wedding by recycling aluminum cans. Andrea Parrish, 25, and Peter Geyer, 29 are trying to raise $4,000 for a modest wedding on July 31st by recycling. According to their website, environmental responsibility plays a big part in their lives.

In an era of excessive consumerism and outlandish wedding spending, we at HuffPost Green admire this couple's initiative, gumption and care for the planet. The couple notes that after they recycle the planned 5 tons of aluminum, they will have offset 5 years of their own carbon footprints as well as the emissions from the wedding itself. Bravo!"

On 8 May 2010, the couple wrote in their journal that they are 86% on their way to recycling 400,000 cans to pay for their wedding.

"With 83 days left before our wedding, we’ve reached 86 percent of our can-collection goal. We are both incredibly excited about the wedding, and there are lots of plans that are being settled. Over the last week, however, we have encountered a hiccup in wedding planning that is proving quite significant. In short, our very-loved and very much looked-forward to venue of the castle in Hope, Idaho had to be canceled. We tried several times to work things out with the owner of the castle, but in the end, Peter and I didn’t want to risk almost 75% of our very hard-earned (and relatively small) wedding budget on an uncertain venue."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green wedding invitations

Reducing the amount of paper that we use for weddings is simply the most environmentally-friendly solution. There’s the wedding invitations, event information, RSVP cards, ceremony booklets, menus, place cards, thank you cards and so on.

Break the mould by considering emailing your invitations (do make sure though they don't get spammed and missed!). You would make a big difference to our planet by choosing an e-invite that uses no paper and no transport to deliver. You can also set up a simple website for guests to access event details, directions and accommodation suggestions.

If you are sending traditional invitations, here's what to look for:
  • Choose a recycled* or tree-free paper.  *Recycled paper should have a high "post consumer waste" content (meaning it has had a prior consumer life such as a milk carton)
  • Printers that use soy or vegetable inks - or simply print at home on your printer.
  • To save resources, fold the invite so that it doubles as the envelope as well.
Embellish your invitation with natural touches like dried flowers and leaves, hemp twine, bamboo or organic cotton lace.
Invitations featured here were designed by A Little Birdie Design Studio.

Natural Weddings online directory

Natural Weddings is an Australian directory dedicated to helping you plan a more eco-friendly, organic and green wedding, event or celebration.

Browse the guide to help you plan an earth conscious and stylish green wedding or event, with lots of green event tips. Whether you’re looking for an organic reception venue, recycled invitations, eco-honeymoons or mineral makeup, our list of green businesses will ensure your choices are making a difference.

The green wedding choices available in Australia have grown immensely since we started the directory in 2007.

Natural Weddings will help make a memorable and beautiful green celebration.

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