Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recycled wine bottle candle centrepiece

My DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces :  wedding wine bottle centerpiece diy green reception Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Photo and text from DIY Wedding Bee
Visit the link for details on how to score and cut the bottoms off the wine bottles and how to fasten little feet to allow airflow in and up the bottle neck.
For a truly environmentally-friendly approach, remember to use beeswax candles, not paraffin.

Moss in hessian wrapped pot wedding favour

Photo and text from Santa Barbara Chic

...having an eco friendly wedding can be beneficial for both the environment and your budget. The multicolored vases on the table are all recycled glass.  To accomplish something similar, you could either collect vases from friends and family or search ebay and local flea markets for used vases within your budget.  The favors are individual pots full of moss, which you can buy in sheets for a very low price at your local nursery.  Plus, they are something that your guests can keep to be reminded of your wedding day!

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