Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moss in hessian wrapped pot wedding favour

Photo and text from Santa Barbara Chic

...having an eco friendly wedding can be beneficial for both the environment and your budget. The multicolored vases on the table are all recycled glass.  To accomplish something similar, you could either collect vases from friends and family or search ebay and local flea markets for used vases within your budget.  The favors are individual pots full of moss, which you can buy in sheets for a very low price at your local nursery.  Plus, they are something that your guests can keep to be reminded of your wedding day!

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  1. I love the moss pots! We are growing little rosemary cuttings and planting them out into wrapped toilet rolls for favours - hoping they look pretty!

    On a very off-topic note, do you know of a site or a method for setting up an alternative wedding registry to allow us to ask for things other than material gifts? We've been clear with our guests that we would rather they contribute their time and effort to helping with aspects of the wedding rather than buying a material gift. I've made this huge list of tasks and things we need that people can help with as their gift to us (e.g., bring 10 mangoes, perform a song, set up, clean up, cook things, help with crafts), as well as offering a wishing well style thing for donations to our honeymoon. I'm hoping that somewhere online will allow me to set up my own unique wedding registry type thing where I can keep track of who has signed up to help with what task, as well as the few actual gifts we might be interested in. This is somewhere I can imagine finding like-minded people who might know a way I can do this, so I thought I would mention it here.


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