Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unique wedding reception ideas for your natural wedding

Are you looking for a unique wedding reception idea for your natural wedding? How about putting your guests to work to peddle their own smoothie using 100% certified organic ingredients and South American superfoods from Loving Earth with the guys from The Smoothie Cycle?

Superfood smoothies are simply delicious and extrememly good for you!

Brooke & Robbie first fell in love with Smoothies during their journeys through Latin America. Smoothie stalls were plentiful selling delicious fresh fruit concoctions. This is where their inspiration for The Smoothie Cycle came from. They have found that combining the wonderful South American street food aesthetic with their love for feeding people, completes their dedication to a green and sustainable life.

Brooke & Robbie describe themselves as self sufficient smoothie makers!

For a completely unique wedding idea how about offering your guests the opportunity to use pedal power to make their own smoothie using a up-cycled bicycle designed by Robbie to create all kinds of delicious smoothies using seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds, cacao, cinnamon, cardamon, honey, agave, juice, mesquite, chia seeds, maca, yoghurt, and a milk option to accommodate all diets. 

All smoothies are pedal powered which makes them taste awesome, plus they are carbon neutral!

For more info contact Brooke and Robbie at the Smoothie Cycle
A self sufficient smoothie maker! It simply makes me smile ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How about a deliciously healthy fruit and veggie bar for your green wedding?

Candy or lolly bars have been very popular of late, but how about a 
gorgeous healthy, fruity buffet at your green wedding or next green event?

Imagine this set up at your wedding complete with a signature cocktail. 

 Watermelon served cold makes a deliciously fresh appetizer 
to keep guests entertained and happy at the reception.

What a deliciously simple idea! 

Even your floral arrangements can be from the veggie garden!

Planning your natural wedding with the environment in mind is simple with 
some fresh, local organic ingredients. Especially here in Australia.

Thank you to Serena Grace for these gorgeous photos.

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