Tuesday, August 14, 2012

eco travel: Spinguera Eco Lodge, Africa

From the website of Spinguera Eco Lodge

Spinguera Eco Lodge is located on the island of Boavista in the archipelago of Cape Verde, located off the west coast of Africa (near the nation of Mauritania).  International Airport Rabil can be reached by direct flights from major European capitals.

Spinguera ecolodge is a project born from the love for this land and its people. The charm of Spinguera is intact, ready to be discovered and enjoyed by those who seek authentic and unspoiled places. Spinguera is perfectly integrated into the landscape.  There is no artificial light for dozens of miles, no buildings interrupt the view and all visitors remain breathless once they reach this land. In respect of the ecosystem and biodiversity Spinguera has always worked with the nearby community of Bofareira to achieve a perfect destination for the responsible traveller.


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