Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seven best 'Guest Book Ideas' for your natural wedding

Having a keep sake from your guests who attended your special day is a lovely thing to look  back on over the years. Here are some ideas that wont cost the Earth!

Paint an old guitar, have guests sign with a silver sharpie, restring it and hanging it as wall art in your home!  

Don't know what to do with all those corks you've saved over your years together? Have your guests sign wine corks and leave their well wishes instead of a guest book?

Find an old type writer and set up a station for your guests to type you a message. 

Have one of these delightful trees made for your guests to sign. 

Use a Ball Mason jar with a rustic label for your guests to leave you a 'tip' for a happy marriage and call it a "Tip Jar".

Travel lovers, this one is for you! Grab a vintage globe and some sharpies – have guests write their names over either their hometowns or perhaps favorite vacation spots?

Beach Rocks are perfect for a beach or river wedding guest book. Put them in a big glas bowl on the coffee table or in your garden after the wedding! 

For more natural wedding inspiration visit our Natural Wedding Pinterest page 


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