Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Instagram your wedding in sustainable style!

Gone are the days of wasteful disposable cameras being placed on each table at the reception for guests to take photos. The concept of inviting your guests to get involved might have been good, but the waste was so last millennium! Now days you can get everyone involved while saving precious resources using Instagram! It's a great way to share everyone's experience of your special day.


Create a specific hashtag # (that hasn't been used before) to view shots only from your day. Provide your guests with the 'tag' on a blackboard so they type your tag on their Instagram photos, your photos will be tagged specifically so that everyone can view photos from your special day with your unique tag.

If you are less inclined to pick a hashtag for your wedding day another option is to create a set profile that people can follow and also tag photos to. If you already have an Instagram profile, simply log out and create a new account with a title related to your wedding day. Provide guests with your unique tag to tag the photos they take.

Other ways to integrate Instagram into your wedding are a low budget photobooth option. Use an iPad to  let your guests take photos. The larger screen will make it easy to see and there is always the option for retaking photos that you don’t like. You can create a DIY background or simply rent a backdrop, rather than spending a lot of money on an actual photobooth. Using hashtags or uploading the photos directly to a wedding profile will give your guests something to search for or follow when the celebrations are over.

You can also run a slideshow of the Instagram photos  at your wedding reception with your hashtag by using the Evenstagram app.

Even though everyone has a camera in their pockets these days, I still believe in hiring a professional wedding photographer. They are professionals after all, and a good one should capture you in your best light and help you to remember the mood of your gorgeous green wedding.


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